3 Basic Self-Defense Moves You Can Use to Protect Yourself against Attackers

In this world where criminals are just about everywhere waiting for the perfect prey and pouncing at the right time, it pays to know how to fight back. Below are some of the moves you need to learn to defend yourself from criminals who might attack you in the future:

Defense against a bear hug

When an attacker grabs you from behind or the front around your shoulders, push yourself as low as you can to the ground to break free from the attacker’s hold. That way, you become more difficult to control and lift. Then you can punch or hit with your elbow the attacker’s weak points such as the throat, ears, and eyes. This will give you the chance to escape.

Kick to the groin

The groin is one of the weakest spots of the body—use it to your advantage when a criminal is out to attack you. A front kick to the groin buys you some time to get away from the attacker. Here is how to do it right:

  1. Move your hips forward. Your knee must be bent and your heel placed back.
  2. Forcefully extend your knee and leg so that the top of your foot hits the groin of the attacker.
  3. Kick as though you would split the attacker in two.
  4. Return your leg to its original position as fast as you can.
  5. Optionally, you can hit the neck, eyes, or ears with your elbow before you run away.

Straight punch

If the attacker is in front of you, a straight punch can effectively put him in a vulnerable spot. To do this, push the ball of your foot and move your hip and fist forward simultaneously. On your fist, the areas that should land on your attacker are the knuckles of your middle and pointer fingers. Throw your punch to the weakest spots such as the nose, eyes, or throat.

Learning the basics effectively requires physical practice. We recommend that you take self-defense training classes to find out for yourself how to do all the techniques you have read online.